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ProMine Final Conference with Mineral Marketplace 23-25 April 2013

ProMine is the European Commission’s leading project committed to the revitalisation of the European Mineral Mining and Manufacturing Industry. This cutting edge research project, made up of a multidisciplinary team of 30 partners from 11 EU countries, has achieved remarkable results. At our final conference, organized by Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and Integrated Resources Management (IRMCo) together with ProMine partners, we present the ProMine results and new products to stakeholders and the wider public. We expect a wave of participants from industry, academia, government, European Commission and ETP´s to attend this conference.

The final conference does not mark the end of our journey. We are developing the ProMine Message; a vision for Green Mining in Europe. A future in which the Mineral Mining and Manufacturing Industry has a reduced environmental footprint, is regulated by good governance practices, has a positive image with local communities and end-users, and is back in the economic limelight.

The hub of this international event will be the Mineral Marketplace, a unique opportunity for networking and exchanging experiences and ideas with leading European experts in research, geological surveys, mining and related manufacturing industry from across Europe.

Registration and programme

The programme starts on Tuesday morning 23rd April with technical ProMine sessions for registered participants. The presentations of ProMine sister projects and the official opening of the Mineral Marketplace will take place on 24th April. The Mineral Marketplace continues on Thursday. Please note that the Work Package sessions on Wednesday (15:00-16:30) and Final plenary session on Thursday (15:00-16:30) are meant for ProMiners only. On Thursday 25th April there will be an option to take a bus tour to Kittilä gold mine.

We invite you to join us for this event!

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ProMine Mineral Marketplace in Wroclaw, Poland, in April 2012

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