Presentations held on the ProMine Information day in Brussels, 25th February 2010

Anna Olejnik (KGHM ECOREN)

ProMine – new approach in mining and metal industry

Daniel Cassard (BRGM)

Pan Pan-European mineral resource potential modelling and data interoperability

Pär Weihed (LTU):

Assessment of the undiscovered deep subsurface mineral resources

Witold Kurylak (IMN):

New nano-products from mineral exploitation

Patrick d’Hugues (BRGM):

Eco-efficient metal production methods and utilisation of secondary materials

Bertil Grundfelt (Kemakta Konsult AB):

Sustainable Development in the Future Mineral Industry

Anna Spiteri (IRMCo):

What do the ETPs Need? What can ProMine Offer?