The ProMine Logo Story

The ancient symbol of the spiral has been used over the millennia to depict amongst other things, the interconnected nature of the cosmos and the cyclical patterns found in life. In using the symbol of the spiral as a monitoring tool for ProMine, we bring this meaning into the heart of our work. In addition, it also represents ProMine’s long term vision, reflecting the project’s proactive approach to overall sustainability including environmental issues.

Within ProMine, we aim to achieve cohesion and connectedness, and it is our common goal that the project will leave a lasting legacy, and that its outcomes will live on to create further benefits, economic and otherwise, further projects, and further spirals!

This particular Spiral is taken from an Early Bronze Age Maltese Temple. Two such spirals are carved into the end of a large limestone Blocking Stone at the Tarxien Temple near Senglea. You Tube has a video of this temple showing the spirals on the end of the block, and for good photos also see:

 YouTube video

The logo background is made up of photo images superimposed over the back layer of the stone spiral. The lower band is made up of compacted granite pebbles overlain with an image of water. The upper part is overlain with a band of sandstone. The red colour of the ProMine lettering is taken directly from a photo image of a fire.

The idea was to construct a logo for ProMine which reflected the spirit of the project in addition to its practical focus (perhaps sufficiently covered by the name), and to incorporate the four elements…earth, water, fire and air. We have included three of these elements, and the fourth, air, will be represented by ourselves, breathing life and success into the project through our work, and setting the spiral in motion.

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