Management objectives within ProMine are:

To coordinate the scientific and technical activities of the project at the consortium level
To ensure the smooth day to day running of the project
To provide timely and efficient financial and administrative co-ordination of the project
To provide decision making, quality control and conflict resolution mechanisms to support the project’s consortium and its evolution
To facilitate exchange of information in between partners
To support implementation of changes in the activities and in the consortium.

The organisational structure of the Consortium comprises the following Consortium Bodies:

General Assembly is the ultimate decision-making and conciliation body of the Consortium. The General Assembly is composed of one representative of each Party.

Management Committee is the supervisory body for the execution of the Project. It shall report to and be accountable to the General Assembly. Management Committee consists of the Leaders of Work Packages (WP) and the Technical Advisors of each WP, together with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

Each WP with its members forms a WP Team. General Assembly will confirm the WP Leaders at the kick-off meeting. Each WP Team shall nominate a Technical Advisor from the industry to control the quality and progress of the tasks and to act as a deputy for the Leader. 

The Project Management Team consists of Project Manager, who is also leader in WP 7, and staff. It assists General Assembly, Management Committee and Coordinator in providing services for the administration of the Project.

The Coordinator (Geological Survey of Finland) is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the European Commission.

IPR Advisory Committee (5 members selected from industrial partners) is an expert board and shall advise the Management Committee in matters on Intellectual Property Rights handled by the Management Committee. The members of the IPR Advisory Committee are nominated by the Management Committee.