Cluster 3: Sustainability assessment and knowledge exploitation

In this Cluster, the overall impact of the ProMine project will be evaluated and further amplified. The construction of databases of the European mineral resource potential (WP 1) and the modelling of mineralised belts (WP 2) both aim at providing means for efficient planning of resource utilisation. The products developed (WP 3) are largely based on secondary resources / waste material and represent high added value, hence contributing to reducing waste volumes and increasing the potential of the European mineral-based industry. The new production methods developed (WP 4) aim at an efficient utilisation of secondary raw material for metal production and a consequent conservation of primary resources (ore).

This Cluster addresses knowledge exploitation, dissemination and management of technical and non-technical results of ProMine. The target groups are the scientific community and the public authorities at local, regional and EU levels and European stakeholders. It is essential to determine, if the new nano products are sustainable, with a low environmental footprint. Environmental issues and the socio-economic impact related to the development of these new products will be evaluated and assessed and Life Cycle Analysis will be performed for the new products. Sustainability is a market dependent factor, and therefore dissemination and knowledge exploitation are a core activity. Education and training issues are also dealt with here. The Cluster starts at the beginning of the project, but the main input will be delivered in the fourth year. The Cluster comprises two Work Packages: WP 5 and WP 6.

WP 5: Assessment of sustainability and environmental impact (read more)

Current sustainability situation at the chosen model sites: data on environmental and social issues

Utilisation of the results from WP 1 and WP 2 in planning of the sustainable production of the products developed

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) analysis of the products and production methods developed

Effect of the products and production methods on the sustainability at the model sites

Overall impact of the products and production methods on the sustainability of the European mineral industry

WP 6: Knowledge management and exploitation (read more)

Overall communication strategy

ProMine Project promotion materials

Knowledge exploitation, dissemination, training and gender action plan

Knowledge generation templates, stakeholder feedback, ProMine stories

Training materials, demonstration software

Recommendations (good practices and good governance)

Improvement of industrial links

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