WP1: Geological mineral resource potential modelling across Europe

Pan-EU GIS: a homogeneous multi-layer information system covering the whole of Europe.

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Main mineral deposits of Europe: compilation completed Nov. 2011.

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Critical Raw Minerals in Europe: delivered: V1 Sept. 2010, V2 Nov. 2011.

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The objective of WP1 can be summarized as the development of a Pan-EU GIS data management and visualization system for natural and man-made mineral endowment and the realization of a Pan-EU predictive resource assessment.  


In order to reach this objective, WP1 fulfills three main assessments, implementing the latest developments in metallogeny, photosatellite imagery treatment and database management:

Assessment of EU mineral resources (including new strategic and 'green‘ commodities such as Ga, Ge, In, Li, Nb, Ti, Ta, PGE and REE);

Assessment of secondary (industrial) minerals and resources in combination with metalliferous ores (realized in parallel with the previous task);

Assessment of valuable mining and metallurgical residues.


The compilation of the Pan European Mineral Deposits has been completed and is available for public access via the ProMine homepage. The first European Anthropogenic Concentration database has been designed and data compilation is in full swing. Moreover, a major highlight of WP1 is the first ever delivery of the occurrences of Critical Raw Minerals in Europe, at the request of the Commission, thus demonstrating the usefulness of a European wide mineral resource assessment.

These assessments and their dedicated databases serve the development and the feeding of a homogeneous multi-layer information system covering the whole European territory and including on top of the mineral deposit and mining wastes layers, geological, structural and geophysical layers.  

This GIS allows, through the combination of the data of the different thematic layers, and the study of their spatial relationships using statistical/geostatistical methods under expert supervision, to develop a predictive approach of EU mineral resources endowment.  

Different predictive maps are dedicated to:  (i) selected commodities or commodity groups, (ii) specific types of ore deposits, (iii) selected belts (and particularly those studied in WP2) and (iv) selected geodynamic domains or orogens or geological periods.