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EU project develops new nano products from minerals

The four-year ProMine project nearing completion has successfully carried out 4D modelling for the mining industry, created new nano products from minerals, surveyed European raw material resources and recorded them in a minerals database, and developed ecologically efficient mineral processing methods and information management.

The nano-silica product developed within the ProMine project uses the waste and by-products of the mining industry as a raw material. Nano-silica can be used to improve the properties of cement in concrete structures, for example, making the concrete lighter and more durable, yet with lower costs.

The project succeeded in creating high-quality, wear-resistant colour pigments from the mineral schwertmannite. Schwertmannite can also be utilised in water purification processes to remove arsenic, for example.

Manufacturers of jet turbines are interested in the new rhenium compounds resistant to high temperatures.

The tangible results of the project include approximately ten patents that the companies participating in the project have already applied for or been granted.

The EUR 18 million EU project involved 30 partners from 11 countries. The main results of the project will be presented in the final seminar, to be held in Levi from 23 to 25 April with 130 participants from 18 countries.

For further information, please contact: ProMine Project Manager, Senior Specialist Juha Kaija, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), tel. +358 29 503 2572 or +358 40 588 3080, e-mail juha.kaija(at) Read more:

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