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28 September 2012 - ProMine produces Self-Tutorial on 3&4D Modeling

Geologists always faced a difficult task when modeling deep geological structures due to a lack of continuous data collected from the subsurface.  The Institut National Poly-technique de Lorraine (INPL), has addressed this issue within the ProMine project and is publishing a Self Tutorial Training Course in 3 & 4D Modeling to better equip students, geo-practitioners and geoscientists to meet the mining challenges of today. 

The Self Tutorial explains how 3 & 4D modeling is a tool which provides an optimum visualization and a more in-depth appraisal of mineral resources. Case-studies from around Europe, including also from the four belts considered in ProMine, illustrate – among other - the potential to reveal the existence of mineral resources at depth in mature mining fields, thus extending their life by more years.  The training material also draws extensively from feedback collected from numerous participants who attended training courses and workshops organized as part of the ProMine project.

The authors aspire that the training material will drive a better communication among present practitioners and the next generation of students. Ultimately this should lead to more sustainable mining by reducing the footprint and thus improving the image of mining.  To this effect, two short films demonstrating 3D model issues and 4D restoration techniques are also produced.

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