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ProMine Final Conference with Mineral Marketplace 23.4.2013 - 25.4.2013 at Levi, Finland

Venue: Levi Summit, Finland


Monday 22nd April

All day long: Arrival of participants

Tuesday 23rd April

TECHNICAL PROMINE SESSION, 3 SECTIONS (each presentation 20 minutes including discussion) ONLY FOR REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS

8:00 8:30 Registration

8:30 8:35 Introduction by the Chairperson (J. Kaija, GTK)

8:35 8:55 Welcome ceremony with official speeches (P. Nurmi, GTK; K. Loukola-Ruskeeniemi, TEM)

8:55 9:10 ProMine and Horizon2020 (G. Esteban Muñiz, ProMine Project Officer, DG Research & Innovation)

9:10 9:25 Update on EIP Raw Materials progress (M. Grohol, DG Enterprise, Raw materials Unit)

9:25 9:45 ProMine review (G. Gaál, GTK)


9:45 9:50 Introduction by the Chairperson (T. Mäki, Pyhäsalmi Mine)

9:50 10:10 ProMine MD & AC databases and the Web portal (D. Cassard, BRGM)

10:10 10:30 Mineral resource potential/prediction (G. Bertrand, BRGM)

10:30 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 11:20 3D/4D modeling, principles (P. Weihed, LTU)

11:20 11:40 Skellefteå – Pyhäsalmi – Vihanti (T. Bauer, LTU - E.L. Laine, GTK)

11:40 12:00 A pan-European Potential Map of Reserves in Copper and Base Metals associated to Kupferschiefers in Central Europe (JJ. Royer, INPL – M. Niebal, KGHM-CUPRUM – K. Kozub, ECOREN)

12:00 12:20 3D, 4D and predictive modelling in Ossa-Morena Zone and Iberian Pyrite Belt (S. Martin, IGME-ES – C. Inverno, LNEG)

12:20 12:40 3D, 4D and predictive modelling applied on Hellenic belt manto-polymetallic, epithermal gold and porphyry copper deposits (K. Michael, EKBAA-IGME - G. Perantonis, HG)

12:40 13:40 Buffet lunch, Restaurant Okta


13:40 13:45 Introduction by the Chairperson (M.Sundell, Mirka & E.Gazea, Hellas Gold)

13:45 14:05 New rhenium-based products for demanding applications (W. Kurylak, IMN)

14:05 14:25 Nanosilica for use in construction materials (J. Baker, SELOR)

14:25 14:45 Nanosilica for abrasive papers (E. Kenttä, VTT)

14:45 15:05 Schwertmannite – transformation of an iron-rich residue from lignite mining into valuable products (S. Reichel, GEOS)

15:05 15:35 Coffee break

15:35 15:55 Ecoefficient Mineral Processing Methods (P. d’Hugues, BRGM, P. Norris, WARWICK and L. Filippov, INPL)

15:55 16:15 Improved (bio) processing methods for complex ore, Lubin black shale case study (A. Guezennec, BRGM)

16:15 16:35 Transformation of slag into new resources – case study (A. Chmielarz, IMN)

16:35 16:55 New Bioreactor for Bioleaching application Aitik case study (S. Naanaa, AL)

16:55 17:15 Metal recovery from AMD – Maurliden & Pyhäsalmi case study (B. Johnson, BANGOR)


17:15 17:20 Introduction by the Chairperson (W. Mizera, KGHM-CUPRUM)

17:20 17:40 A way of assessing the influence of ProMine developments on the sustainable development of the European mining industry (B. Grundfelt, KEMAKTA)

17:40 18:00 Sustainability gains from the ProMIne developments. (L.-O. Höglund, KEMAKTA)

19:30 21:30 Gala dinner at Levi Summit

Cost shared dinner sponsored by:

Wednesday 24th April


8:30 8:35 Introduction by the Chairperson (A. Meidani, Grecian Magnesite)

8:35 8:50 I2Mine - Innovative Technologies and Concepts for the Intelligent Deep Mine of the Future (K. Tano, LKAB)

8:50 9:05 EURARE - Development of a sustainable exploitation scheme for Europe’s Rare Earth ore deposits (I. Paspaliaris, NTUA)

9:05 9:20 EuroGeoSource – EU Information and Policy Support System for Sustainable Supply of Europe with Energy and Mineral Resources (S. Gruijters, TNO)

9:20 9:35 ImpactMin - Impact Monitoring of Mineral Resources Exploitation (P. Gyuris, Geonardo)

9:35 9:50 Minerals4EU - Minerals Intelligence Network for Europe (N. Arvanitidis & J. Kaija, GTK)

9:50 10:10 Update on Horizon2020 (G. Esteban Muñiz, EC)

10:10 10:20 Launch of ProMine Message & Recommendations (A. Spiteri, IRMCo) & Official opening of the Mineral Marketplace (C. Hebestreit, Euromines)

10:20 12:30 Mineral Marketplace (with ProMiners and non-ProMiners)

12:30 13:30 Buffet lunch, Restaurant Okta

13:30 15:00 Mineral Marketplace continues

15:00 16:30 WP sessions only for ProMiners

19:30 22:00 Farewell Party at Restaurant Tuikku

Cost shared dinner sponsored by:

Transportation with 1 one bus travelling 2 times. First pick-up at 19:00.

Thursday 25th April

9:00 13:00 Excursion to Agnico Eagle´s Kittilä gold mine, starting with a presentationat Levi Summit

10:00 15:00 Mineral Marketplace activities continue

15:00 17:00 Final Plenary Session only for ProMiners (includes PUDF Plan for Use and Dissemination of Foreground discussion)

19:00 20:45 Dinner at Restaurant Taivas

Departure at 18:30. Please take your Levi Express Gondola ticket with you.

500 m walk after the descent by Gondola.


09:00 12:30 Review meeting with PO and PTA (ONLY FOR ProMine Coordinators, Financial Manager & Exploitation Manager & WP LEADERS & Technical Advisors)

Friday 26th April

Departure all day long

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