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ProMine Final Conference & Mineral Marketplace in Levi was a great success

The main results of the four-year ProMine project were presented in Levi, Lapland on April 23-25.The final conference was a great success, with 130 attendees from 18 European countries. Overall the event was very well received by Prominers and other participants.

A series of interesting presentations were given by over 40 representatives on topics such as the mineral resource potential, 3D, 4D and predictive modeling, new nano-products from minerals and ecoefficient mineral processing methods. Moreover, representatives of 4 FP7 sister projects (I2MINE, EURARE, EUROGEOSOURCE, IMPACTMIN and MINERALS4EU) presented their research.

"During the lifetime of the ProMine project, there were over 400 people working to achieve all the objectives defined in the project plan 4 years ago. I can only congratulate all these committed and enthusiastic people, we reached our goals! ProMine created a completely new European network which will live long after ProMine," says ProMine Project Manager, Senior Specialist Juha Kaija.

The final conference was organized by Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and Integrated Resources Management (IRMCo) together with ProMine partners.

The concrete results and new products of the project were presented at Mineral Marketplace to stakeholders. Mineral Marketplace offered also a great opportunity for networking.

ProMine Final Conference presentations can be downloaded at ProMine Final Conference programme

 ProMine Final Conference programme


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